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Azure API Management – API gateway

Azure API Management may be a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework for publishing an Organization’s internal and external APIs. With Azure API Management, you will secure your internal or external APIs, or compose your own API that talks to your backend system to cater to the requirements of client applications.
Like other serverless platforms, API Management also comes with a spread of pricing models. For example, you’ll run an instance of API Management with a consumption plan, otherwise you pay a hard and fast price to utilize services in both the quality and premium plans.

You can integrate API Management as a part of your ISE:

Introduction to DevOps

DevOps isn’t a product or tool that you simply can purchase or install. DevOps is about culture and therefore the way you write, release, and operate your software. DevOps is about shortening the time between a replacement idea and your first user experiencing the worth it delivers. In this book, you will study the tools and techniques to use that philosophy to your way of working.

To enable this, you would possibly need to change the way you are employed and adopt new tools or change the way you employ them. In this first chapter, you will learn more about what DevOps really is and the way to acknowledge a successful DevOps team.

The following topics are going to be covered during this chapter:

The Cloud and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

This chapter focuses on changes that are impacting every Organization’s thinking regarding infrastructure, datacenters, and ways to supply services. “As a Service” offerings—both on premises and hosted by partners, and accessed over the web within the sort of the general public cloud—present new opportunities for Organizations.
Microsoft’s solution for several public cloud services is its Azure service, which offers many capabilities that are constantly being updated. This chapter will provide a summary of the Microsoft Azure solution stack before examining various sorts of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and the way Azure services are often procured.

In this chapter, you will learn to:

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