“Retail Merchandising Display Management System – rCloud”

With this system Merchandisers up-load their store visit information right on our cloud.

This information is gathered from the Merchandisers completed Call Report Information and Photos. The Call Report can be very simple or complex depending on the information needed. Once this information is loaded on the website, the manufacturer or retailer can review the results of each store visit.


  • Set-up approval sheets signed by a member of store management. This confirms that work has been completed to the satisfaction of the store.

  • Photo of completed set. A photo of the completed job is always provided to the manufacturer.

  • Tracking reports are provided to summarize the process of projects.


  • Service reports are available for each store visit.

  • Monthly reports are available at month end to summarize the month’s service activity. These reports are very useful to pinpoint areas of success or areas of concern.

This is how simple the logon process is. In reality, the manufacturer or retailer will use their own email address and a password will be generated automatically by the system. Once the password is generated, it can then be changed by the user to the users own special password when required.