The business landscape is changing rapidly in every industry. Tectonic shifts due to secular trends like Globalization, e-Commerce and Factory Automation is bringing complex challenges with unparalleled opportunities. Through our extraordinary cross industry excellence and unwavering client focus, we give the edge for our clients to win.

With over a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 companies achieve their business targets, Patton Labs has comprehensive capabilities across multiple industries and business functions. Our collaborative approach helps companies pick the best possible solution from our proven multi-industry methodology.

Our employees have the unrivaled ability to work with clients regardless of the situation or demands. Because our deeply honed expertise stems from a unique understanding that only comes with hands-on cross industry experience, and from crafting real-world solutions that get results.

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Industries We Serve

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Information Technology

Our employees are doing an extraordinary work to help online companies, software vendors, and hardware manufacturers define the future.


Our employees help traditional healthcare and life science organizations and start-up companies in navigating the complexities of the US healthcare system.


Our financial services solve process and technology problems, leverage industry standard to implement solutions and enhance business outcomes.


Our Automotive industry expertise with unique insights into existing and emerging technologies, we have created, end-to-end offerings for the automotive industry. Using these..


The Retail Industry is changing rapidly. The world of consumerism that we currently live in has drastically changed than what it used to be in the past few decades. Customers want to ..


With extended zero interest rates, higher costs and new ways of delivering service are changing the insurance industry. We help our clients meet the new challenge the way you do..


Patton Labs has been working with premier Higher Education Universities like Northeastern University, University of San Francisco, Wake Forest University, Emory University, ..


We provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the oil and gas, power and utilities, alternative energy, and mining sectors. We offer clients know-how industry knowledge..