Cloud Integration Services

The proliferation of cloud computing is changing the way IT products and services are developed and distributed. No change in the recent history had an impact on the organizations like the cloud movement. From enterprise applications like Salesforce to infrastructure platforms like Amazon EC2, to social media services like Facebook and Twitter, the cloud is changing the IT landscape. However, as companies move their applications en masse to the cloud, they are hitting a major roadblock for success, namely integration. While these same organizations have spent the last 15 years integrating their enterprise applications to break down silos of information, they are now seeing a renewed problem of  “cloud silos” and facing the dark side of Saas Integration.

Integration across the enterprise is becoming a huge challenge for not only business end-users but also for providers of SaaS and Cloud Services.

The emerging cloud architecture that has integration as critical building blocks are

We help organizations across industries to share information within their systems and external data providers. An architecture with a right Integration model is very critical for the successful execution of the business processes.