Workforce Management Solutions

Find the qualified candidates you wish to fill IT and engineering positions by connecting with Patton Labs international offices and resources. we will deliver variety of work force solutions to satisfy your wants.

We offer recruiting and manpower management solutions across the U.S. additionally as globally, utilizing our expertise operating beneath Managed Service Programs (MSPs). Our in depth expertise includes providing contract and permanent staffing solutions to Fortune five hundred, middle and small-sized firms.

Patton labs focuses on ensuring our clients and their businesses are supported by the technology and other people they have to beat their challenges. We listen and communicate with our client partners to know their needs, both in budget and knowledge . Our industry experience covers Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare and other administrative staffing areas.

Contract staff augmentation may be a large division at Patton Labs. We have extensive experience supporting various staffing requirements for our clients across the US and worldwide. we will work with our clients directly if they’re managing the staffing program or we will work with our client’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) if they need one. We have experience working with various Vendor Management Systems (VMS) that MSP’s use also . Being a process driven Organization, We have proven processes that are followed by our Client Account Mangers and Recruiters in fulfilling our client’s demands to satisfy and exceed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defined by either our clients or by their MSP’s.

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Direct Placement

Providing screened resources for permanent hiring along with your business.


This giving is comparable to Direct Placement wherever you have got the choice to rent the resources as full-time staff once a delegated written agreement fundamental measure.

Offshore Staffing

Our Offshore resources become associate in nursing extension of your own project team.

Patton Job Creation Project

The main goals of the program are:

  • Recruiting local talent
  • Training U.S. citizens
  • Providing fewer H1B visas
  • Promoting community growth

Sourcing U.S. civilian resources locally within your region and, when needed, shift U.S. civilian resources to other mutually acceptable provinces.

Patton Labs training of U.S. citizen resources in technology and business skills to your demands (an optional program is available where we will partner with your organization to create and conduct training courses).

Utilizing more U.S. civilian resources to reduce our immigration risks, any cultural challenges and turnover in the long run. And by training local candidates, we reinvest back into local communities.

Managed Capacity

Maintaining teams to support peak demand is expensive, but with Patton Labs Managed Capacity allows you to have ready access to the resources you need in a budget and risk-friendly arrangement.


The Customer buys resource capacity (hours/month/year) or several resources with a type of skillset, where the Customer provides direction and controls the outcome.
Patton Labs and the Customer are equally accountable for all deliverables because projects are jointly managed. The Customer experiences lower costs, as risk costs will not be applied.
We perform all Human resource management, team ramp-up/ramp-down, and is responsible for transition, training and knowledge transfer for all resources whether on-boarded or off-boarded.
Resources can either work onsite or offsite or offshore, and if at our locations, we provide infrastructure at no additional cost (except for software licenses).

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